Next Generation Football Virtual Camp


May 14th – May 31st

Location: Online

Age Group:

From 12 to 18 years old




Next Generation Skills are the abilities that will set the leaders of the future apart, on and off the field. These allow each individual to demonstrate their maximum potential, even in adverse contexts, finding the best in each situation as integral and prosocial people.

This training program will allow young people, from their homes, to develop the necessary tools to be prepared to be the generation of the future that will make a difference.

TNGS takes a step forward and makes available to future leaders a preparation program according to new challenges, following the guidelines of the distance programs carried out by the leading teams in European football.

For this, they will be guided by professional coaches and trainers, linked to the football of the Spanish League and will learn to:

  • Successfully face the challenges of the future with Next Generation Skills
  • Read, interpret, and make the best decisions on the field, even under maximum pressure, using visual coaching and game intelligence.
  • Learn about Spanish football concepts, understanding coaches: their vocabulary and technical concepts.


The “Next Generation Skills” will define the leaders of the future as integral people, with technical, social, and emotional skills, that will help them face any challenge successfully, always thinking about the common good and achieving their maximum potential.

The three main objectives of this program are:

  • The development of personal and interpersonal skills so that talents can successfully adapt to changes, with a winning mindset and a tendency to teamwork, respecting different opinions, understanding contexts, and ensuring that challenges are met with enthusiasm and growth mindset, eliminating frustration and rejection.
  • A better understand, read, and interpretation of what is happening in the field to be smart players. Beyond technical skills and physical fitness, the professionals who stand out are those who understand the path outlined by their coach, make the best decisions on the field and complement themselves with their teammates.
  • They will know and master the tactical concepts in Spanish.

In addition, the talents will be monitored by our Spanish trainers who will teach them to:

  • Being successful players in high-performance teams, where peers are respected and successes are a group.
  • Develop a growth mindset to coexist with error and grow from opportunities. They will succeed in turning all contexts into scenarios to continue improving.
  • Develop resistance to frustration, creating the “never give up” mentality that successful players establish in their day to day.
  • Identify and develop different systems and styles of play.
  • Know and apply basic concepts in elite soccer such as tilting, coverage, swapping, gaining space, looking for the back, among others, that have developed in Spanish sport and have placed us in the first places of all competitions.
  • Study the pass lines, know how to find them, and fix the opponent.
  • Respect an effective diet, according to the needs and objectives.
  • Develop strength and speed effectively on the field of play.
  • Establish individualized training, developed to improve technique, and prepare for group work.
  • Create effective, personalized training routines and warm-ups with all the guidelines to avoid injuries, focused on reaching the maximum potential.


The training sessions will be held twice a week. Through live video calls, our coaches will guide talents in a personalized way in sessions divided into three blocks:

  1. Soft skills session: there can be no consistent technical performance in the field without the development of mental skills, so we will dedicate the beginning of the meetings to the development of the Next Generation Skills, based on reaching the maximum potential with an elite player mentality. Teamwork, smart play, decision making under pressure, among others, are developed during this part of the class.
  2. Technical talk: the concepts of elite sport and those that have defined Spanish football as a world reference are explained. Along with the concepts, language and vocabulary are developed in the field. It is a space where talent will have the necessary tools to express themselves and understand what is happening in the Spanish playing fields.
  3. On the field: students will form teams of four or five people. In each session, there will be a challenge that they must meet as a group. Each one will be evaluated under different notions such as creativity, cooperation, empathetic communication, development of skills for the field, reaching the maximum potential, among others. The task will be presented by video and the best ones will be posted on our social networks.


he students who successfully complete the program will receive a TNGS diploma certifying the skills learned.

Workshop 1, May 14th

Fundamental keys to improve your individual technique and how to make better decisions during the match.

Workshop 2, May 17th

At what time and with what intention should you execute each technical action to bring greater tactical quality to your team’s game?

Workshop 3, May 21st

Learn to look up and orientate yourself in each position of the game system and areas of the field to stay in a better position on the field.

Workshop 4, May 24th

Learn and explore basic tactical actions to be able to adapt and develop yourself in any game model.

Workshop 5, May 28th

Learn to analyze and how to solve group tactical situations with your teammates.

Workshop 6, May 31st

Let’s deepen our knowledge and study of the 8 most used game styles in the current European football.


Gino Vivi
University of Central Florida

– Campus Costa Rica –

Nathan Trott
West Ham – Premier League
Selección Inglaterra Sub21

– Campus Bermudas –

Jack Imperato
Villarreal CF – Juvenil
Selección USA Sub17

– Campus Texas –

Martin Davis
Toronto FC – MLS

– Campus Jamaica –