1st Jeddah Camp


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1st Jeddah Camp

First training day

The first training day is mainly focused on possession management and how to deal with losing possession and putting pressure. In this training we will be introducing rondo’s, game possession plays, and switching sides with the usage of jokers.

Second training day

The second training day is focused on pace management. This training is focused on the ability of players to be able to detect offensive to defensive situations. This will teach the players to switch from the attacking to the defending phase, and with this reduce the risk of counter attacks.

Third training day

The third training day will be about handling pressure of the opponent. If you are playing against a very good team, you could be dealing with high pressure. In this training you will learn how to deal with this, and keep possession during this pressure. Furthermore, we are training on the ability of players to be able to detect when the ball can get out of pressure.

Fourth training day

The fourth training day will be focused on the finishing phase and executing. This training will be teaching our players to make decisions in the final phase of the attack. This will be done through shooting drills, but also in more game-realistic exercises, dealing with having a surplus or deficit of attacking players.

Fifth training day

The fifth day will be all about friendly games. In a small competition the trainers will get the opportunity to have their final view on the players, and choose the 2 winners of the two-week trip to the TNGS Football Academy in Valencia, Spain. In these friendly games, the trainers mainly look for competitiveness, which is considered a very important component of a professional player.